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May 25, 2004

Suppressing protest with marches on background, from Condor Legion to Love Parade

too perfect
Shot is too perfect

Opposition to the "globalisation" and techniques of suppressing protest


The situation of the conspirators gets more desperate every day. It's always more difficult to stage the BIG LIE (technique is identical to Hitler) meant to keep the masses quiet while they are transported to the slaughter. The coverup has several names : United Nations, International Community, European Union, Globalisation, etc.
The new fascism needs to be legalized as soon as possible.
nazi parade
Sheeple marching in direction of the Stalinigrad slaughterhouse ...

Differences between Hitler tactics and the new fascism tactics

But the conspirators face a dilemma, particulary serious, since the strategy failed December 31, 1999, as Putin became the president of Russia. In fact the contents of Hitler's BIG LIE were much more efficient :
  • defined a main target : all the Jews. Because of the presence of many Jews in international banking (Rothschild & Co., the sponsors of Hitler !) this reasoning could be followed by much more people than today's targets : the "neonazis", the "anarchists", the religion "fundamentalists" ...
  • defined a main goal, the Third Reich, based on racial supremacy. Again this is much more efficient to galvanise the masses than the new goal of the "humanitarian" wars, multi-ethnic societies, homosexuality,  etc. The goal for gathering crowds saluting Hitler in pre-war Berlin was to have cannon fodder ready to die for a cause in the coming war; the goal for gathering crowds in Berlin's Love Parade is to keep them stoned while being brought to the slaughter house. The new fascim foresaw only mercenaries, dressed as human robots, to accomplish the goal, since the plan foresaw Russia surrendering without a fight. The plan based on the assumption that using technology ("smart" weapons), etc, would be enough to arrive to the point where total control of nuclear weapons would allow the genocide to finally start.
love parade berlin
... just like at the Love Parade, Berlin - 60 years later (just a different package)

Suppressing protest

Since the game entered overtime, more and more people realise that something is wrong - the number of protesters rises by the day. The new fascism needs to supress these protests : terrorise the protesters while not disturbing too much the sheeple that so far were fed with the "humanitarian" propaganda.
To achieve this two main techniques are used :
  • infiltrate provoking agents among the peaceful demonstrators with the mission of destroying property. The totally controlled mass media will complete the job, presenting the pictures of masked "protesters" attacking while censoring the hundreds of thousand (like in Genoa) peacefully marching. This implants in the mind of people that protestors = terrorists.
  • take decisive action against the peaceful protesters, to make them understand that their life is in danger
This is what happened at high speed in the weeks preceding the G-8 summit in Genoa. The masked rioters wearing helmets enjoy total freedom of movement, while the police attacks peaceful demonstrators. Some examples :
  • GOTHENBURG, Sweden, June, European Union summit-" Three demonstrators were shot and wounded by police". None of these demonstrators were masked. First time bullets used against demonstrators in Sweden.
  • BARCELONA, Spain, June 25, World Bank meeting - AFP : "Reporters watched as the police appeared to use the staged scuffle as bait to pull protesters into it and then use it as a pretext to charge into the park. A second charge emptied the park within minutes.

  • The masked assailants, some of them apparently wearing earphones, had gathered in groups on the fringes of the protest march as it arrived at the park after passing down a dozen blocks of the boulevard.  They were wearing knapsacks and carrying sticks, but were able to walk freely past police, pull on their masks and position themselves between the edge of the crowd in the park and the police lines 25 yards away. The fight began when one man grabbed another and pulled him to the ground. Others from the same group began kicking and slugging each other. When demonstrators saw what was going on and joined the fight, the police charged into the park. The men and women involved in the scuffle walked through the police line and boarded the vans. "
    daily ABC : The representative of Iniciativa per Catalunya, Joan Herrera, reported to have watched police agents leaving their cars, and destroying property, to justify the attacks, of a level never previously seen in Spain, against the peaceful demonstrators. Helicopters, water cannons and robot clothing were used for the first time in Barcelona.
  • SALZBURG, Austria, June 30, World Economic Forum meeting -  "All officers on duty, every single one, will be armed with tear gas and guns. They have clear guidelines about their use. If there is violence they have the authority to shoot."- Major Gollia said.

The murder of Genua

In this context, a first look at the photo of the 23-year old Italian being murdered in Genua just looks too perfect :
  • the demonstrator threatens to throw a fire extinguisher, what justifies legitimate defense. This tranquilizes the people starting to ask questions.
  • the murderer is clearly shooting at his head. This terrorises the protesters, while the media will again make sure that the question "why isn't the murderer shooting at his legs ?" will not be raised so that the sheeple will not be disturbed.
Were some of the photos faked ? Let's analyse the photo sequence (by the way, why is there no video) ?
Latest developments : the police attacks the headquarters of the Genoa Social Forum. Without a mandate. 50 people wounded. The goal is clear : not only to terrorise but also to confiscate all of the video and photo material. Using provoking agents was getting too obvious.

Comments as these events took place, July 21, 2000 : the photo sequence (copy, original was censored from

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