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Jun 3, 2007

2007, Germany: Nazi police march again as Legion. But some masked and all in black, as Agents Provocateurs

Agents provocateurs - the main weapon of the police state to suppress protests in the streets and legalize the end of the right to protest, during the transition to the terror state.
Some are packaged as neo-nazis and the rest as "autonome", i.e. anarchists, extreme left, etc.

G8 Meeting, Rostock, Germany - the autonome version (1), the people who officially injured almost 500 of their colleagues... (2)

(1) Picture Source:

(2) 3 June 2007, illuminati media reporting: "50 people seriously hurt - Police said 433 officers had been injured, 30 of them seriously, in the clashes that broke out as the demonstrators passed along two routes through the historic Hanseatic port of Rostock, Germany."
If you are confused then: G8 Meeting in Germany June 2007 for dummies - the one basic fact - explained worldwide first long ago


Jun 2, 2007

G8 2007 Germany: "MORE than 150 police have been injured" by "Masked demonstrators" *** FOR DUMMIES ***

From Illuminati mass media:

G8 2007 Germany: "MORE than 150 police have been injured" by "Masked demonstrators" (1)
"Masked demonstrators" - the core belongs to the Police (agents provocateurs).
"MORE than 150 police have been injured" - the required justification for terrorizing thousands of peaceful protestors.

Notes - how the illuminati media sells it
(1) First act, 2 June:
MORE than 150 police have been injured in violent clashes with protesters at a demonstration in northern Germany against next week's G8 summit, a police spokesman says.
Some of the injuries were serious, the spokesman said, after updating an earlier injured figure of 100.
Masked demonstrators hurled Molotov cocktails, stones and bottles at police as tens of thousands of people marched through the streets of Rostock, a port city near Heiligendamm where the Group of Eight leaders will gather for three days of talks from Wednesday.
Protesters overturned and set fire to several cars, an AFP reporter said.
Demonstrators from far-left groups resumed clashes with the police after earlier rioting had been brought under control.
Police said 20,000 people were taking part in the march, while the organisers - a collection of anti-globalisation and anti-poverty campaigners - put the figure at 80,000.
The Rostock demonstration kicks off a week of protests against the summit of the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the US.
Climate change and aid to Africa are expected to be the main themes of the meeting.,00.html

(2) Second act ... June 03, 2007 - Agence France-Presse
Police arrest 125 anti-G8 protestors
AROUND 125 people were arrested for staging a violent demonstration in the northern German resort of Rostock ahead of next week's G8 summit, police said.
Protest organisers meanwhile claimed at least 165 people had been arrested.
More than 140 police were injured, 30 of them seriously, in Saturday's clashes with protestors hurling Molotov cocktails, stones and bottles.
The demonstrators also overturned and set fire to several cars.
Organisers said 20 people had been seriously hurt in the melee, but the number of injured protestors was not officially confirmed.

Added 2014:
ISIS classic, the beheadings, either fake (western hostages) or real (christians) are staged in orange jumpsuits.
But make no mistake:The real color of the first version of ISIS is visible in its black flag.
ISIS reduced: Black Bloc's armed version, one decade later:

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Jun 1, 2007

G8 Meeting in Germany June 2007 for dummies - the one basic fact - explained worldwide first

1. The "ATTAC" Goup, which is sold by the Illuminati media as the people protesting against this meeting, is TOTALLY controlled by the Illuminati.

The first implication of this ONE basic fact: to get the illuminati agenda for this meeting you just need to understand what the official leaders of the protesters tell you that meeting is about.
Reminder from 2004 historic document referencing another historic document from 2001 (2):

===== the message =====
Differences between Genova 2001 and Davos 2004:
The murder of Genova was more than just a murder - it was a psy-op operation based on a manufactured photo, meant to let the opposition understand that a new era (the police state) started:
Notice that in the US the photo of the "rescue" of Elian was staged with the same purpose (among other things):

Many people didn't get the message and as late as 2004 there were still peaceful demonstrators marching against the Davos Economic Forum.
The international police force had previously sealed the whole area leading to the Davos valley (...).

(1) ATTAC, one of the "alternative" organizations controlled by the illuminati, like Greepeace, Human Rights Watch &Co, used to advance the illuminati agendas:
(2) 2004 Document that escaped censorship, short before the last indymedia domain that allowed the truth begun also censoring it --- archive

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