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Jul 23, 2014

ISIS reduced: Black Bloc's armed version, one decade later

ISIS classic, the beheadings, either fake (western hostages) or real (christians) are staged in orange jumpsuits.
But make no mistake: the real color of the first version of ISIS is visible in its black flag.

ISIS reduced: Black Bloc's armed version, one decade later
BLACK Bloc alias masked police playing protesters was first exposed a decade ago. ISIS is nothing but its armed version.
"Coincidentally" the full story of ISIS and Black Bloc were first exposed by one and the same.

BLACK Block technique first exposed by Last Prophet
Second note, reads " Neo-Nazi police in the second type of mask 2007 - the TRUTH that almost everyone refused to believe:"
It links to: 

2014 Feb, Ukraine: Maidan Milestone: first time that fake protesters trained by the creators of Black Bloc are used to stage a fake "successful revolution"

ISIS - FULL STORY - start here:
Fake ISIS Beheading Videos - for dummies 
John McCain repeatedly in the role of "ISIS truth in plain sight":

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