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Jul 16, 2016

Turkey: FAKE Coup attempt, Illuminati theater, SCRIPT exposed:suppress sunni opposition to Syria Invasion

Turkey FAKE Coup attempt, Illuminati theater, SCRIPT exposed: Syria Invasion
It wasn't the first time that the illuminati staged a coup attempt but this was a premiere: fake crash of a military aircraft in a fake war of type coup attempt.

Main reasons why illuminati staged the fake Turkey coup attempt
Note that the second reason, total suppression of protest, is at this point primarly a consequence of the first one.

1. The BIG BANG script. 
It had this line long before Sep 30 2015. the day that Russia officially started the non-stop air bombings of civilians, from splitter bombs to incendiary ammunition:
IF after 10 months all of Russia's real weapons (including those forbidden by the Geneva convention) and upscaling iranian, Hezbollah and other foreign ground troops to well over 100,000 no decisive victories against the rebels were achieved, ....
THEN Turkey will officially join the "USA led coalition" and Russia in the war.
- decisive victories would have been completing the siege of Aleppo, expelling the rebels from Aleppo and suburbs, recapturing what was lost in 2015 (Ariha, Jiisr-al-Shougour, Idlib) and capturing Azaz, along the turkish border, separating it from Aleppo.
From these objectives only the last one was achieved before July, using kurds of SDF led by traitors as well as fake rebels dressed as "backed by US and Turkey". The siege of Aleppo started only July 8.
- as for why the deadline was set to Aug 2016, see: BIG BANG starts with resurrection of Osama Bin Laden and staged arrest of Obama Bi.nla.den presidency.

2. Suppress protest.
It starts by detecting dissidents who so far went under the radar, during the "coup attempt".
After the "coup failure": mass detentions of an unprecedented scale even for the terror regime of Erdogan, starting with the military.
- Turkey "elections" 2015 totally rigged, all parties controlled by tjhe illuminati. Erdogan had in reality aruind 20% in both elections.
It was staged according to the same script as the Brexit referendum, where "LEAVE" had in fact 75% not the official 52%.
In other words: first a defeat to be turned into a victory within months by repeating the "election".

Staged coup; Script
- starts while "Erdogan is in holidays in Marmaris"
- ends with "popular protests probably foiled the coup".
Place military on stage who are not aware of the show:
- tell real soldiers that it's a training exercise.
- have for several hours enough soldiers perceived as rebels to make the coup credible at the eyes of dissidents in the army, for better detection.
What is broadcasted until the curtain falls:
- rebels seize state TV, force at gunpoint TV journalist to read declaration
- civilians protesting (in fact only a few hundred)
- civilian protesters step on tank and hit soldiers inside tank
- after a few hours security police (neo-Gestapo) takes as prisioners soldiers that start surrending
- civilians being targeted with bullets by rebels, supposedly by a chopper
- Erdogan returns to Istanbul, gives press conference at airport
- rebels bomb parliament in Ankara
- rebel chopper downed by air force jet in Ankara
- millions of civilians protesting the coup
- no support for the coup outside Ankara and Istanbul.
- rebel helicopter tried to kill Erdogan in Marmaris
- after the coup failed faked footage of "rebel tank crushing protestng civilians", a mockery that goes togehter with the Nice truck one day earlier.

Turk attack one day after truck attack:: parallel mockery 
"Turkish Tank Crushes Citizens": more elaborated grpahic fakery served only hours later, this time with the "victims" casted as the real targets of the fake blood at the Promenade des Anglais: muslims.
Note: "Bastille Day truck assault on bystanders" announced hours earlier in another parallel and also reverse script: "Tour de France cyclists rammed by bystanders."

Turkish Tank Crushes Citizens

Truck attack hoax: Tour de France chaos, Tom Brady, Deflategate.
Staged at Promenade des Anglais, Nice, near the first of two Brexit acts within two days:
english promenade at the Euro 2016 terminated by Iceland in Nice .

Multipliers at the end of the show: recreate nazi crowds for 2016 Hitler milestones: Erdogan rally, Clinton votes

The day after the 2014 winter Olympics ended "Putin entered Crimea" - The day after the 2016 summer Olympics ends Erdogan will enter Syria

Last Prophet's words from Jul 2014: 
Turkey: Why protest suppression must be extended from "secular opposition" to everyone
- large majority of Turks are sunnis.
- illuminati will send Turkey's army as last resort to crush the real rebels  in Syria.
Reminder of who are the real rebels, fighting against Assad and Baghdad  regimes alias against the IV Reich merceanaries from Iran, Hezbollah and ISIS:
- Syria: most FSA divisions, Ahrar al-Sham, Al-Nusra (falsely called al-Qaeda) and others.
- Iraq: the liberators of Fallujah, Mosul and Tikrit (falsely called ISIS).
So far Erdogan's treasonous government (illuminati agents dressesd as sunnis) has participated in the sunni genocide
- first in a passive role, as innocent bystander
- since May 2013 in a covert role: supplying first the fake rebels of ISIS with mercenaries and weapons and later officially supporting the fake "US backed moderate rebels".
Start here:
Feb 2015: Iraq: footage of destruction of Mosul museum artifacts is fakery, filmed in a studio.

Talk of fake crashes of miliaty aircraft
Russian jet goes down in flames behind mountain - HOAX: computer graphics video
Same as ALL videos of US, France and Russia warplanes destroying ISIS fuel trucks and oil facilities in Syria.
Exceptions: grain silos in rebel held areas marketed as ISIS refineries, trucks supplying oil to rebel held areas (Azaz) marketed as attacks to ISIS trucks exporting oil to Turkey.
"Rebels" hitting one of the "two russian rescue helicopters" was a staged act for the camera.
Agendas for dummies:
Illuminati Theater to:
1. Divert from leading role of Turkey government in the genocide of sunnis across the border in Iraq and iSyria
In this case by selling the hoax "NATO vs Putin".
2. Sell the hoax "Russia vs ISIS", by suggesting "Turkey's revenge for Russia obliterating ISIS".
Reminder: illuminati previously passed truth in plain sight about ISIS oil being supplied to Assad and (what is relevant in this context) to Turkey.
3. Set the stage to let what's going on for years now in Syria and Iraq become official, under the banner of the "grand coalition".
Reminder of what's going on: russian and extended NATO alias "US led coalition" pilots bombing the rebels wtith splitter and barrel bombs, napalm and chlorine.
4. Cover-up why illuminati ordered "Putin" to deploy anti-aerial missiles in Syria.
Supposedly as protection against Turkey/NATO in fact as part of the "Gog / Magog" script for the destruction of Israel, fulfilling the illuminati anti-Bible.

Turkey Ankara bombings hoax, ZERO dead, remake of Suruc, actors reused, staged using the treasonous Kurdish HDP leaders
Now for treason in plain sight
2015: Illuminazi agents playing Kurdish leaders participating in Turkey's "democracy" :

Last Prophet's words (revised) from Sep 11 2015, one week before the illuminati "victory" in Greece.
In other words: nine months after the illuminati "defeats" in the January 2015 "election" and two monthes after the "NO" to "EU austerity" in the "referendum".
Election repeated Turkey Greece:2015: parallel reversed script before Brexit

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