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Dec 16, 2008

Terror Script for Athens, Greece, 2008 vs. Perfectly staged in Genoa 2001 to Germany, 2007 : Illuminati Mistakes & timeline

Repeating the perfectly staged Genoa 2001 script(1) in Athens 2008, illuminati made a MAJOR mistake in first act.
Reminder: first act is to murder someone, selling it with the "package vs contents" mind control technique to terrorize the sheep.

That mistake (2) is one of the reasons why the next act in the script (massively using agents provocateurs dressed as "Masked demonstrators") is not working as good as it should. (3).

2001, the good old days, long before the "empty shelves" stage (4), when in the timeline selling the first terror message was still far away from posing problems, no matter what the contents of the message was. (5)

(1) 2001 Genoa murder "perfectly" packaged, i.e. everyone (except Prophet) swallowed it:

(2) What mistake was it? After reading the previous article from 2001 ("Suppressing protest with marches on background, from Condor Legion to Love Parade", link provided in first footnote), the answer should pose no problem.

(3) As proof of how good the Genoa script worked, it's enough to mention that still in June 2007, in illuminatzi Germany, before the phase of systemic collapse, murdering someone to ensure that everything would go as scripted, was not required:
"2007, Germany: Nazi police marchs again as Legion. But some masked and all in black"

(4) Financial Armageddon: LARGEST ECONOMIC ATTACK in History UNDERWAY

(5) WTC 7, first terror message, explained first by...

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